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The overall aim of our digital library is to create a comprehensive and interconnected collection of retro-digitized books and other digital documents. Objectives of the project include electronic archiving first of all the old manuscripts and their publishing in electronic photo-type form and presentation to the general audience. Our proposal was at the beginning mathematically inclined, but since 2009 we started to include the books from other areas of science and literature. However, the preference will be still given to Serbian authors and works related to South-East European (Balkan) area.

Some of the books in our library are rather rare and it is known that there are left only few copies of them in the printed form. We think that it is very important to preserve them in some form. Not only as a cultural or scientific heritage important for our local community but also as a part of the World heritage. We decided to preserve and present them to the wide audience in the electronic - digitized form. Beside rare books, the library contains several important collections, for example doctoral dissertations of Serbian mathematicians (more than 350) and collected works of some leading Serbian scientists of the past: Bogdan Gavrilović, Milutin Milanković, Đuro Kurepa and few others. The library is continiously populated by new copies of digitized books. Papers related to this digital library are published in NCD Review.

The project was started in 2007 by several volunteers. Now it has the strong support by the Faculty of Mathematics of the Belgrade University, Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Science and Art, Serbian Ministry of Science through the projects 13017 and III044006 and the National Center for Digitization. Since April 2010 the functionality of the library is based on DSpace, the software for building open digital repositories.

April 2010

Žarko Mijajlović,

Editor in chief

Please visit page Editor's Choice for more information about books recomended by our editor.

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